About Us

Why SatoshiApparel

Have you ever had those moments where you see someone wearing a shirt and you form an instant connection? For example, you're wearing a Batman shirt and you see a Superman shirt wearer walk past. You can't help but say something!

With cryptocurrencies becoming quite popular and a trend amongst younger investors, we want to recreate the same vibe and community with our shirts. Some shirts are subtle and only noticeable to people "in the know". Whilst others boast loud and proud about your cryptocurrency advocacy.

We truly believe crypto is the way of the future and will replace fiat. Join the movement! 

Where Are We Based

Our offices are based in the USA.  We have a wonderful print on demand team that guarantees all the shirts are of the best quality possible. That means our US customers can expect a good turn around time and receive their order within just a couple of day. We offer international shipping as well. If you wish to get in touch simple send us an email or contact us using Facebook. 

The Founding Team

Our team is comprised of crypto enthusiast. SatoshiApparel was founded by Andy, a crypto enthusiast from the USA. He found himself wearing shirts for his other interests but could not find a store that provided this for cryptocurrencies. So, this company was formed!